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I'm 38 and my caveman 45. We have been together for 8 years and in search of a baby ug for 6+ years. We had no idea when we began to this journey for our baby ug that the road that we would venture down would be so difficult. We are cursed with unexplained secondary infertility. After 6 early miscarriages-- and two ectopics complete with tube removal and 2 failed IUI's, we are starting IVF #1.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I suck.....

Sorry I suck at keeping up...

It has been super busy at work. It is day 8 of stims here and for now I am on 5 units of Lupron, 300 gonal-f and 75 repronex. There seems to be a lot of twinging etc in the belly area for the past few days. I saw Dr. D yesterday....I so don't care for him. He only said there were lots of follicles but they weren't very big yet and that was ok. I go back saturday...which is good.

I am not sharing this with grandaddy (since his bitch wife decided to email my whole family and hers too and i don't even know them... to tell them about my last ectopic and tube removal in an effort to get sympathy for herself...I hate her) we are having a big father's day lunch on saturday. I was worried the retrieval might be then and I would have to lie to get out of it.

Anyway I will check back in on Monday when i have more to say. I must get to work on the eight million things i have to do.

Happy weekend :)


Blogger Amy said...

Grandaddy's wife is a bitch. I wish she'd cut that kind of shit out. Enough about her. It's good that they aren't huge yet. Dr. D should talk more. I had one of those doctors too. They suck. Anyway, this is good because they need time to mature. It took me an extra week to grow mine to the proper size and everything turned out ok in the end. Don't worry too much. You're doing great! I will keep my fingers, toes, arms, legs and whatever else is crossable for you.

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