In search of a baby ug

I'm 38 and my caveman 45. We have been together for 8 years and in search of a baby ug for 6+ years. We had no idea when we began to this journey for our baby ug that the road that we would venture down would be so difficult. We are cursed with unexplained secondary infertility. After 6 early miscarriages-- and two ectopics complete with tube removal and 2 failed IUI's, we are starting IVF #1.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Here we go.....

Transfer was saturday. We had 6 embies make it to blast and transferred 3 and froze the other 3. The embryologist said they all looked so good that he had a hard time ranking them. After the transfer Dr. G said "now don't go having triplets now" and we were like now you tell us. As if! We will be lucky if one decides to stick around.

I went in today for E2 and progesterone and they want me to take Estrace.....Amy thinks that is the drug that made her crazy. Let's hope I have better luck. I am already out of my mind as it is.

I am out of work until monday...wanted to stay home and is really crazy right now so I didn't want the extra stress.

Beta is next thursday...wish me luck!


Blogger Bean said...

Definitely wishing you good luck!
3 blasts and 3 frozen sounds awesome. Take care!

12:13 AM  

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